2022 Minutes

Springfield Crappie Club

Spring Meeting Minutes Sunday February 6, 2022, 1:00 PM KC Lake Club Springfield, IL

President Kenny Barlow called the meeting to order at 1:05 pm and welcomed the 23 members and guests in attendance.

Kenny recognized returning member Rosetta Shinn who agreed to serve as club treasurer. He also welcomed new members David and Nancy Amerson and Dennis and Jody Baalman.

Secretary Report

Copies of the meeting minutes posted to the club web site from the August 8th, 2021, meeting were made available. Members agreed to forego the reading of the minutes. Carlo Catalano made a motion to accept the August 8th meeting minutes. Brian Cuffle seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Treasurers Report

Treasurer Rosetta Shinn gave the treasurer’s report. She provided a Quicken spreadsheet of the Club’s Profit & Loss detailed report for the period January 1 through February 3, 2022. Total income for the period was $1990.00. Total expenses were $1422.95. Net income for the period was $567.05. She reported the club brought in $1700 in funds from sponsors year to date. And we need the support of sponsors and encouraged members to look for club sponsors. Carlo Catalano encouraged members to be sure and thank sponsors when they do business with or see them. Sponsor applications are on the web page.

Brian Buchanan reminded the club about the late sponsor gift of $500.00 from Larry Evans last year and the need to include his name on tournament applications and club website. Brian said being on a tournament is not as important to Mr. Evans as being on the web page. It was recognized that his gift is significant, and the club will make sure he is recognized. Brian Buchanan said he will get his contact information for the club records. Mike Rockford asked and it was confirmed that sponsors giving $250 or more will have a tournament named in their honor.

Kenny Barlow reported Trailer Masters of Springfield is a new $250.00 sponsor and if you tell them you are a member of the club, they will give you a 10% discount on labor.

Carlo Catalano asked if anyone has asked By-Pass Auto who gave gift certificates in the past. Mike Rockford said he would ask them.

Kenny Barlow said we sent letters to all of last year’s sponsors, and we’ve gotten news ones. Heartland Credit Union where the club banks became a $250.00 sponsor this year.

Rick Montooth said we still need more sponsors.

Members were asked to help sell raffle tickets to help raise funds for the club. Contact Rick Montooth for tickets.

Mike Rockford made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report with a second from Carlo Catalano. Motion passed.

President’s Report

Kenny Barlow discussed the importance of sponsors to the club, and asked members to support them by doing business with them. We are still looking for sponsors.

Carlo Catalano noted the president can’t vote on lakes and bylaws should be changed to president breaks ties. Kenny explained why it is this way.

Vice President’s Report

Ken Kutcher was traveling and unable to attend the meeting

Old Business


Tournament Director’s Report

Rick Montooth reported that the Illinois Department of Natural Resources adopted Administrative Rule Section 810.90 and 110.4 specific for fishing tournaments that requires a $25.00 permit fee and for tournaments with more than 20 participants, a tax of 10 percent of the total purse. The State has since dropped the $25.00 fee. The new rules will affect us at the Lake Sangchris Open which is the only State ramp we are fishing out of this year.

He discussed that we are fortunate to have club insurance because otherwise we would be required to submit tournament anglers’ name and social security number before the tournament and the State would also verify that child support is current. Mike Rockford said that would prevent anglers being eligible if they paid the morning of the tournament. Rick said that is part of the reason that our club is fortunate that we have insurance, so we don’t have to provide names and social security numbers. Any payout over $600.00 to an angler has to be reported.

Calendars were available with all our tournaments and dates as follows:

Springfield Crappie Club Tournaments Dates, Lakes & Ramps 2022


Saturday, March 26 Saturday, April 9 Saturday, April 30 Saturday, May 7 Saturday, Sunday May 21- 22

Saturday, September 17 Saturday, October 1 Saturday, October 15 Sunday, October 30 Sunday, November 6

Rend Lake


Lake Sangchris Open
Lake Springfield Club
Lake Shelbyville Bash Open Lake Decatur Club
Rend Lake Club

Lake Shelbyville Club
Lake Springfield Club
Lake Decatur Club
Lake Springfield Classic Club Lake Springfield Open


Strawkas Point Access Lindsay Boat Launch Wilborn Creek Boat Ramp Lake Decatur Marina

Wilborn Creek Boat Ramp Lindsay Boat Launch
Lake Decatur Marina Lindsay Boat Launch Lindsay Boat Launch

Contour map of Rend Lake was distributed, and members were reminded that the lake has submerged trees that are dangerous especially if you are unfamiliar with the lake.

Pre-tournament meeting and weigh in will be held at Lake Zone Bait and Tackle, Whittington, IL. They will also fry the fish for our Saturday dinner after the first day weigh in. Members are encouraged to bring a filet knife to weigh in to help clean fish for the fry.


Lodging is available behind Lake Zone Bait and Tackle at SureStay by Best Western, Wittington, IL. Rooms are still available at the time of this club meeting. They have a fenced enclosure for boats.

https://www.bestwestern.com/en_US/book/hotels-in-whittington/surestay-hotel-by-best-western-whittington-rend- lake/propertyCode.54120.html

Lake Zone Bait and Tackle is also hosting a crappie fishing tournament the same day as our tournament with start and weigh in at the Lake Zone Bait and Tackle. Club members may wish to enter both tournaments and anglers from the other tournament may do the same for our tournament if they join our club the morning of. Anglers wishing to fish both tournaments would have

to weigh in at our club tournament first before entering fish in the other tournament. They would also have to attend our meeting and take off when we go. About 12 teams usually fish their tournament. Information for the other tournament is available by contacting Lake Zone Bait and Tackle.

Lake Shelbyville

Updated the club that on Lake Shelbyville we will not be allowed to trailer to different ramps based on conversations with Jeremy of ACOE. Our tournament will be held at Wilborn Boat Launch which is centrally located to some of the most popular areas. He said both the Bash and Club tournaments will start at Wilborn Boat Launch.

Lake Shelbyville marinas are off limits and maps were provided showing the off-limit boundaries for Findlay Marina, Lithia Springs Marina and Sullivan Marina.

Rick Montooth asked Arick Clark if the club can use the club banner on February 27, at Shelbyville for an event where the Springfield Crappie Club and other clubs, guides and organizations will participate in a fishing like expo. The banner will then go to the Classic winners Brian Bentley and Brian Cuffle.

Rick Montooth discussed raising the big fish pot entry fee from $10 to $20 per boat. Arick Clark made a motion to approve with a second from Mike Rockford. Motion passed as a new club rule.

Brian Buchanan inquired about adjusting tournament times with the time change to occur March 13. He explained with the time change we are actually on the water later in the day and as the day goes on it gets hotter and harder to keep fish alive. Rick Montooth said in his capacity as tournament director he will keep that in mind when the time changes.

Carlo Catalano asked if it is still in the bylaws that the club president can’t vote on lakes but can break ties. It was confirmed that is still in the bylaws and it was explained why it is important.

Mike Rockford suggested the Angler of the Year Award be changed from a pounds to a points system. Carlo Catalano explained how the club tried a points system one year that factored in the number of boats in the tournament i.e., first place with 20 boats earns first place team 20 points. Part of the challenge of the points system was keeping track of the points. Jerry Jallas also spoke of some of the advantages of a point system and suggested the topic be tabled until interested members develop a proposal. Brian Buchanan spoke about the total weight system for the year and the advantages of fishing all the tournaments. Dennis Baalman asked if we switched to a point system would it be for just the club tournaments or all tournaments. It was explained that it would only be for club tournaments. Mike Rockford agreed to work with several members to develop a point system proposal for membership consideration at the fall meeting. If you are interested in working on the point system proposal or have suggestions, please contact Mike.

A press release was provided titled “Springfield Crappie Club Hold Annual Meeting” dated Sunday February 2, 1986 at the K of C Club on Lake Springfield, IL. It was noted that the Springfield Crappie Club is the oldest and longest running crappie club in the U.S. Also, that member Brian Buchanan’s father the late Roy Buchanan with others started our club. Mr. Buchanan served as vice president the first year. At the club’s beginning teams were able to weigh in 30 crappie per team.

Lake Sangchris

Brian Buchanan asked about trailering to other ramps for the Lake Sangchris tournament. Per IDNR, trailering will not be allowed for our Lake Sangchris tournament due to two other bass tournaments on the lake the same day.

Crappie USA 2022 Tournament Trail lakes and dates were provided.

Arick Clark spoke of the financial hit the club took with COVID and how the fixed costs like insurance continued, but funds from sponsors didn’t come in.

Award Presentations

Awards were presented and will be posted to the club’s Facebook page.

New Business

Kenny discussed the formation of a committee to review the bylaws and recommend any changes to the membership for a vote. Discussion followed about the process for approving. Rosetta Shinn and Rick Montooth volunteered to help. Club

members that are interested in working with other members or if you have any recommendations, please communicate them to the bylaws committee.

50-50 Raffle was held with new member Nancy Amerson drawing the winning ticket held by Rosetta. Jerry Jallas made a motion to pay the KC Lake Club $50 for hosting our meeting.
Any Other Debate

President Kenny Barlow adjourned the meeting at 2:50 pm. Respectfully submitted,

Steve Mozley 2/17/2022

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