All 2024 Spring tournament applications have been uploaded. Click here to find them. 


Our 2024 Tournament dates have been posted here and are on the orange image to the right. 


2023 BIG FISH Winner of the Year

Brian Cleland

2023 Classic 1st Place Fishermen

Welcome to the Springfield Crappie Club.

The club was formed in 1980. 

The purpose of the club

To make available to the people of the area, an organization which will allow them to unite to pursue worthwhile goals in promoting crappie fishing to its rightful place among recognized sports.

To promote good sportsmanship and fellowship among anglers and provide good wholesome recreation for its members and their families.

To improve the skills of all anglers through the exchange of crappie catching techniques and ideas.

To encourage members concern for the preservation of our natural resources. 

Please check out our Sponsors page. You can click on the image and you will directed to their website, if available. You can also obtain information on how to become a sponsor of our club.  

If you are interested in becoming a member you can download a new member application by clicking NEW MEMBER APPLICATIONS. The cost to join the club is a yearly membership of only $30 per individual or $60 per team.

2023 Angler of the Year

Arick Clark

New Club Membership Application

Yearly membership is only $30 per individual, $60 per team.

Sponsorship Application

SCC Executive Board
  • President: Brian Cuffle

  • Vice President: Brandon Waggoner
  • Treasurer: Brian Bentley
  • Secretary: Steve Mozley
  • Tournament Director: Arick Clark
  • Contact Email:


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