2021 Springfield Minutes

SCC-Meeting Minutes-20210221.docx Page: 1 Springfield Crappie Club Meeting Minutes --- February 21, 2021 The spring meeting was held at the Knights of Columbus Council #4179 on Lake Springfield. President Brian Cuffle called the meeting to order at 1:00 P.M. 22 members were present. The 2020 E-Board, President, Brian Cuffle; Vice President, Brian Bucannan; Treasurer, Mike Rockford; Secretary, Jim Tintori; and Tournament Director, Arick Clark were re-elected at the fall meeting as the officers for 2021 and were all present at this meeting. Secretary Jim Tintori distributed printed copies of the minutes from the fall meeting, therefore, reading the minutes was waived by membership. The financial report was given by Treasurer Mike Rockford. He reported the club has $703 in checking and $1,577 in savings. Member Ken Barlow asked why the officers allowed the savings balance to drop below $3,500 as required by our by-laws. Mike told members the club had payouts of $4,231 in 2020 and the spring open buddy tournaments were cancelled because of the pandemic. There were $700 in additional club tournament payouts which included the $100 paid to the day-1 leader of the Mark Twain two-day tournament and the $600 paid to the odd/even entries at the club weigh-ins (there were four $50 winners in the odd/even category at each of our three fall club tournaments). Our sponsors contributed $1,100 in cash, plus gift cards and storage of the club trailer. The treasurer’s report was approved. Vice President Brian Bucannan reported the E-Board voted to give all 2020 sponsors a courtesy sponsorship for 2021 because of the cancelled spring 2020 tournaments. Even though some sponsors have elected to pay for a sponsorship anyway, the free sponsorship will result in additional lost revenue to the club. The E-Board announced they had voted earlier to eliminate the odd/even prize for club tournaments in 2021. Tournament Director Arick Clark reported the May 2nd Jacksonville tournament had to be relocated to Lake Decatur (2nd choice in votes) because Lake Jacksonville officials never responded to our tournament application or his emails. Josh Nast won the $100 Big Fish of the year prize for 2020. His fish was caught at Lake Sangchris in the fall and weighed 1.61 lbs. Congratulations Josh! There was no Angler of the Year award due to the pandemic-imposed spring tournament cancellations. Applications can be found at www.springfieldcrappieclub.com ========================================================================================= The following lakes are approved for the 2021 spring tournaments: OPEN March 21st (Sunday) Lake Sangchris $50 Entry Fee $10 Big Fish CLUB April 3 rd (Saturday) Lake Springfield BASH April 24th (Saturday) Lake Shelbyville $100 Entry Fee $10 Big Fish CLUB May 2nd (Sunday) Lake Decatur CLUB May 15th & 16th Mark Twain OPEN June 6th (Sunday) Lake Sangchris $50 Entry Fee $10 Big Fish ========================================================================================= The following lakes are approved for the 2021 fall tournaments: CLUB September 19th (Sunday) Lake Shelbyville CLUB October 3rd (Sunday) Lake Clinton CLUB October 16th & 17th Lake Shelbyville CLASSIC October 31st (Sunday) Lake Springfield OPEN November 6th (Saturday) Lake Springfield $50 Entry Fee $10 Big Fish OPEN November 28th (Sunday) Lake Decatur $50 Entry Fee $10 Big Fish SCC-Meeting Minutes-20210221.docx Page: 2 ========================================================================================== Applications for SCC tournament sponsorships are on our website. Time is needed to get the sponsor’s logo on the tournament applications and the banner displayed at the weigh-ins, so get your sponsorships in soon. New Business: President Cuffle told members the E-Board has been discussing the club’s need to keep our trailer. The trailer has a fish fryer, generator, tables, and some other gear stored inside. We have not pulled it to any of our two-day tournaments or an open tournament for a few years. It is difficult to find someone to tow it long distance and the costs of the gas, sticker and insurance are large expenses the club must pay. Member Ken Barlow stated it is his belief the club should be using the trailer instead of leaving it parked. Discussion followed with member Brian Bentley making a motion to sell the trailer. The vote to sell the trailer was 15 yes, 5 no and one abstain. The E-Board will come up with a plan to sell the trailer. President Cuffle made a recommendation to drop the two-day Mark Twain/Shelbyville tournament rotation and replace the rotation with a membership vote of the lake of choice. A motion to remove this requirement from the by-laws beginning in the 2022 season was made. The vote passed with 16 yes votes and 4 no votes. By-Law Change: The lake to be fished for the two-day tournaments will no longer be by rule. Beginning with the 2022 season, the lakes will be chosen by membership vote. This vote will take place at the fall meeting prior to the next tournament year. President Cuffle told members he would prefer dropping the fall two-day tournament in favor of a one-day tournament. There was much discussion on this, and it was decided members should vote each year if they want to continue having both spring and fall two-day tournaments. If not, do members want to have either a spring or fall two-day tournament and if so, which lake do they want to fish? The season and location of the tournament(s) could be any lake(s) members choose by vote. President Cuffle urged members to give this serious thought and bring their ideas to the fall meeting. Vice President Brian Buchannan told members he would like to amend the by-law requirements to qualify for the classic. In addition to the three-club tournament rule, his recommendation was to allow a member to also qualify for the classic by participating in one open and two club tournaments. A motion was made, and the vote passed unanimously. By-Law Change: To qualify for the Fall Classic a member 1: Must have physically fished in 3 club tournaments. Or 2: Must have physically fished 2 club tournaments and also 1 club sponsored open tournament. Members voted to give $50 to the K of C for use of their facility. Meeting adjourned at 2:00 p.m. ========================================================================================== Respectfully Submitted, Jim Tintori SCC Secretary

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