2018 Springfield Minutes


Thanks to all who came out to fish at our 2nd Annual Shelbyville Crappie Bash. We hope to see everyone next year!

Springfield Crappie Club Meeting Minutes --- July 22nd, 2018 The fall meeting was held at the Knights of Columbus Council #4179 on Lake Springfield. President Brian Cuffle called the meeting to order at 1:05 P.M. 21 members were present. Lake Shelbyville Corps of Engineers Operations Manager, Jon Summers, was present and thanked our members for our monetary and volunteer support in the “Lake Shelbyville Fishing Alliance” fish habitat program. Member Chip Christenson, owner of Chips Marine in Sullivan, is a driving force behind this project. Chip also expressed his gratitude for our support. By the end of this year over 400 cubes will have been sunk in Lake Shelbyville. Maps are available on the IDNR and Corps of Engineers websites. The minutes from the spring meeting were waived by membership. Secretary Jim Tintori forgot to bring a copy. The financial report was given by Treasurer Rick Montooth. He reported the club has $3657 in checking and $4026 in savings. The treasurer’s report was approved. VP Rick Montooth had no report. Tournament Director Jerry Jallas reported the two Springfield club tournaments had 10 boats each and the Shelbyville 2 day tournament had 11 boats. The spring open tournament figures are Sangchris had 16 boats ($240) and the Crappie BASH at Shelbyville had 22 boats ($24). Jerry reminded us to keep selling the 2018 50/50 Raffle tickets to help boost the payout in the Fall Classic. He said the E-Board has approved a $1,000 contribution to the Classic prize fund this fall. Jerry also mentioned participation in our BASH needs to significantly increase in 2019. Chip said he believes we could co-promote our BASH with his spring tournament and both tournaments would benefit. The E-Board will discuss this and get back to Chip. ======================================================================================== The following lakes were selected (either by vote or by rule) for the 2018 fall tournaments: CLUB September 22nd Lake Shelbyville (by vote) CLUB October 6th Lake Springfield (by vote) CLUB October 27th & 28th Mark Twain Lake (by rule) CLASSIC November 4th (Sunday) Lake Springfield (by rule) OPEN November 10th Lake Decatur ================================================================================= The following lakes were selected (either by vote or by rule) for the 2019 spring tournaments: OPEN March 23rd Lake Sangchris $75 Entry Fee $10 Big Fish CLUB April 6th Lake Springfield (by vote) BASH April 27th Lake Shelbyville $100 Entry Fee $10 Big Fish CLUB May 5th (Sunday) Lake Sangchris (by vote) CLUB May 18th & 19th Mark Twain Lake (by rule) ======================================================================================== The following lakes were selected (either by vote or by rule) for the 2019 fall tournaments: CLUB September 22nd (Sunday) Lake Springfield (by vote) CLUB October 6th Lake Decatur (by vote) CLUB October 19th & 20th Lake Shelbyville (by rule) CLASSIC November 3 rd (Sunday) Lake Springfield (by rule) OPEN November 9th Lake Springfield

======================================================================================= SCC-Meeting Minutes-20180722 Page: 2 (NOTE: Member Ken Barlow left the meeting at this point before any voting took place). OLD BUSINESS: Rick Montooth started a discussion about our club not allowing licensed guides to become members. He stated that this rule is unique to SCC. We currently have two members who were members when they started guiding and are grandfathered in. It appeared obvious no one had any qualms about guides being members, so Danny Runkel made a motion to change our By-Law to remove this membership restriction. Proposed By-Law Change: Membership in Springfield Crappie Club shall be open to everyone, regardless of the type fishing license they hold. Motion passed with the required ¾ majority, 15 yes votes. Ken Kuchar brought up his disdain for our by-law that requires a by-law change vote be tabled to the meeting following the discussion and motion to change the by-laws. Its intent was to give members not present a chance to vote by attending the next meeting. Proposed By-Law Change: SCC By-Laws can be proposed and brought to a vote at any regular SCC membership meeting with the required Motion and 2nd to the motion. Motion passed with the required ¾ majority, 19 yes votes. There was also a discussion about guest fishing our club tournaments. A motion was made to require membership in SCC to participate. The motion was not seconded, therefore no vote took place. Our current rule states a guest may fish ONE club tournament then is required to join before fishing another SCC club tournament. A member asked why our Facebook page only has old pictures and is not being updated, even though we are paying for this service. President Cuffle and Vice President Montooth explained to members that a personal Facebook page created by a former member is still active on the internet, and should not be confused with the Facebook page sanctioned, supported and maintained by the SCC. This is confusing to members and non-members alike, so President Cuffle said he would contact the owner of the original Facebook page and ask to have it taken down. Our web address is www.springfieldcrappieclub.com which has a link to the Facebook page supported by the SCC. Rich Bales brought up that “of those approached,” no one from the SCC was available to help with the Rochester fishing derby during the 4th of July celebrations last summer. In past years, Carlo Catalano has gotten a small group of members to work with him at this event. Not wanting to miss the opportunity to get young people excited about fishing, member LeRoy Guinn stepped up to say he would volunteer next year. Chip Christenson said he would donate up to 6 Rod/Reel combos if he is given 2 - 4 weeks advance notice. I can send a reminder email to members seeking volunteers too. NEW BUSINESS: A member suggested the club should pick up the entry fee for any youth under age 18 fishing as a partner with a member. Arick Clark asked if the club had ever entertained the idea of hosting an Adult/Youth tournament. Jon Summers said if the Adult/Youth tourney is held on Lake Shelbyville he would help with promotion, selecting a date and would waive the permit fee. This would have to be a dry event. This will be revisited at the 2019 spring meeting. Vice President Rick Montooth advised members that our allowing the use of alcohol by participants in our tournaments could have serious liability repercussions for the club. SCC-Meeting Minutes-20180722 Page: 3 Members spoke on both sides of this issue. Brian Bucannan made the motion that drinking should not be allowed during tournament hours and tournament applications should state this also. Proposed New By-Law: While on the water, the use of alcohol or illegal drugs during tournament hours shall not be permitted. Motion passed with the required ¾ majority, 15 yes votes. Mike Rockford would like to see the SCC pay fewer places than the required four places at club tournaments. He feels the prizes are too watered down, especially with participation not being what it used to be. After discussion, no motion was made to change our payout structure. ELECTION OF OFFICERS: President Brian Cuffle opened nominations for the 2019 E-Board. Nominated for President, Brian Cuffle; Vice President, Brian Bucannan; Treasurer, Mike Rockford; Secretary, Jim Tintori; and Tournament Director, Arick Clark. All accepted their nominations and were summarily elected for 2019. Jerry Jallas asked for and got $50 to give the K of C for the use of their hall. The 50/50 paid $44. Two hats and two knives donated by Chips Marine were raffled. Member Ken List and his crew were thanked for frying our delicious fish. Meeting adjourned at 2:55 p.m.

======================================================================================== Respectfully Submitted, Jim Tintori SCC Secretary

Congratulations to our anglers of the year:

Mike and Danny Rockford

Springfield Crappie Club

Spring 2018 Meeting Notice

Sunday,  January 28, 2018


The Springfield Crappie Club will hold its 2018 Spring Meeting on Sunday, January 28, 2018.  The meeting will take place at the Knights of Columbus Council #4179, beginning at 1:00 P.M.

This K of C is located on Lake Springfield,  next door to Lake Springfield Marina, just west of I-55 exit 88.

The E-Board met on December 14th, 2017 to pick the dates for the Spring tournaments and set the agenda.  The awards for Angler of the Year will be presented. We will be voting on a by-law change that was proposed at the Fall meeting during the "Old Business" portion of the Spring meeting.

The proposal states "Members will vote on the lakes for all three club tournaments each spring and fall"  Three-Fourths majority is needed to pass.  In a nutshell, this would eliminate the rule directing the location of the two day tournaments alternating between Lake Shelbyville and Mark Twain Lake.  This proposal would not affect the location of the Classic being held at Lake Springfield.  See the Fall meeting minutes posted on our website for more information.

NOTICE:  President Danny Runkel submitted his resignation shortly after the Taylorville tournament. The e-board accepted his resignation and Vice President Rick Montooth then assumed the duties of club president.  After much thought and discussion, the entire E-Board recently submitted their written resignations and will officially resign at the spring meeting following the the conclusion of "Old Business".  The "New Business" portion of the meeting will begin with nominations and a vote for a new president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary and tournament director.   After the election of new officers, members will be voting on the lakes for the spring tournaments.  The outcome of the vote for the by-law change will play into the lake we will be fishing on our two day tournament.

There will be a fish fry following the meeting.  Please bring a covered dish.

Save this Date.

Jim Tintori

SCC Secretary

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