2017 Springfield Minutes

Springfield Crappie Club Meeting Minutes --- August 20th, 2017

The Fall meeting was held at the Knights of Columbus Council #4179 on Lake Springfield.
President Dan Runkel called the meeting to order at 1:05 P.M. 25 members were present.
The minutes from the spring meeting were read by Secretary Jim Tintori and were approved.
The treasurer’s report was given by Carlo Catalano. He reported the club has $4938 in
checking and $4031 in savings. He stated the club had spent over $1800 on new scales this
spring which lowered our balance. The treasurer’s report was approved by membership. VP
Rick Montooth had no report. Tournament Director Jerry Jallas reported the club
tournaments had 13 boats at Springfield, 12 boats at Jacksonville and 9 boats at the Mark
Twain 2 day tournament. The Spring open tournament figures are Sangchris had 22 boats
($330) and the Crappie Bash at Shelbyville had 34 boats ($905) despite the really bad weather.
Jerry told us the 2017 50/50 Raffle is selling well and urged members to keep selling tickets to
help boost the payout in the Fall Classic. This is 100% profit for the club. He reported the
current leaders in the new “Big Crappie” competition, which will pay $100 (donated by Van
Pierceall & Thumper Jigs) and a plaque (donated by John Hinton & O’Reily Auto Parts) to the
first place angler along with a new rod (donated by Zach Pierce) to the second place winner.
OLD BUSINESS: No discussion.
NEW BUSINESS: President Runkel asked for volunteers to help “Fishing Has No Boundaries”
with their outing for handicapped fishermen on September 30th. Unfortunately, we have a
club tournament scheduled that same day. He also asked for a motion to join “Lake
Shelbyville Fishing Alliance”. The cost is $25 and our joining will help their efforts in getting a
grant of up to $30,000 to buy supplies to build crappie structure for Lake Shelbyville. Motion
Approved. The contract with Bob Hayes, our website & Facebook tech, expires 1/1/18.
Membership approved the e-board spending up to $300 to renew the contract. Nominations
were opened for a new e-board. The current officers agreed to another year and no one else
was nominated. President Dan Runkel, VP Rick Montooth, Treasurer Carlo Catalano, Secretary
Jim Tintori and Tournament Director Jerry Jallas were all elected for 2018. In an effort to
increase membership, Carlo asked members to eliminate the requirement for new member
sponsors and also the $15 initiation fee. A motion was made by Ken Barlow and approved.
Proposed BY-LAW motion # 1.
Ken Barlow motion:
1: Should members vote on the lakes for all three club tournaments each spring & fall?
This motion will be voted on at the 2018 Spring Meeting (3/4 majority needed).
Proposal Description: Members currently vote on the lakes for the two club one day
tournaments each spring and fall. The two day tournaments are currently set by a rule
rotating their location between Lake Shelbyville and Mark Twain Lake. If this motion passes,
the rule to set the location for the two day tournaments will be eliminated. The location of
the Classic is not affected by this proposal and will remain at Lake Springfield.
The following lakes were selected (either by vote or by rule) for the 2017 Fall tournaments:
CLUB September 30th Lake Taylorville (by vote)
CLUB October 14th & 15th Lake Shelbyville (by rule)
CLUB October 28th Lake Springfield (by vote)
CLASSIC November 5th Lake Springfield (by rule)
OPEN November 11th Lake Springfield
New Member Danny Rockford was welcomed.
Member Ken List and his crew were thanked for frying our delicious fish.
Meeting was closed at 2:05 and we enjoyed a great fish fry.
Respectfully Submitted,
Jim Tintori
SCC Secretary

The E-Board met July 25th and picked the following dates for our 2017 Fall tournaments.  The lakes for the two "One Day" club tournaments will be voted on at the SCC Fall meeting on  Sunday, August 20th.  The meeting will be held at the K of C on Lake Springfield beginning at 1:00 p.m.  There will be a fish fry following the meeting.  Please bring a covered dish.

These dates are not yet approved by DNR or the lake officials, but we wanted to give you all an early heads up in the hope they will get their approval.

Saturday,   September 30th  -  Club (one day)

Sat & Sun, October 14th & October 15th  -  Two day Club at Lake Shelbyville

Saturday,  October 28th - Club (one day)

Sunday,     November 5th  -  Classic at Lake Springfield

Saturday,  November 11th  -  Open at Lake Springfield

Please bring the sold raffle tickets and the money to the meeting.  If you have any unsolds you do not plan to sell, please bring those to be redistributed as well.  Thanks.

Below are some photos from the Rochester Fishing 🎣 Rodeo, which took place on Saturday, July 1st.

Special thanks to Carlo Catalano, Rich Bales, and Rick Montooth for volunteering their time to help Run the event

Springfield Crappie Club

Fall 2017 Meeting Notice

Sunday,  August 20th, 2017

The Springfield Crappie Club will hold its Fall 2017 Meeting on Sunday, August 20th, 2017.  The meeting will take place at the Knights of Columbus Council #4179, beginning at 1:00 P.M.
This K of C is located on Lake Springfield,  next door to Lake Springfield Marina, just west of I-55 exit 88.
The agenda for this meeting will be emailed following the upcoming meeting of the e-board.
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Springfield Crappie Club Meeting Minutes --- January 29, 2017
The spring meeting was held at the Knights of Columbus Council #4179 on Lake Springfield.  Before the meeting started, Member Chip Christenson (of Chip’s Marine) spoke of the fish attractors that were built in his shop and dropped in Lake Shelbyville last fall.  DNR was involved in this project start to finish.  The GPS coordinates are available for distribution (see Jerry Jallas).  Carlo introduced David ?? from “Friends of Reservoirs”.  This organization has funds (grants) to build habitat.  They can partner anglers with DNR biologists to get resources for projects.
President Runkel called the meeting to order at 1:20 P.M.  28 members were present.  The minutes from the fall meeting were read by VP Rick Montooth because Secretary Jim Tintori was not in attendance.  The minutes were approved.  The treasurer’s report was given by Carlo Catalano.  He reported the club has $$$$$$ in checking and $$$$$$ in savings.  The treasurer’s report was approved by membership.  Vice President Rick Montooth gave a report of the loss of all of the fingerlings in Lake Springfield’s rearing pond due to an accidental draining of the pond.  Luckily, 40,000 replacement fingerlings were acquired and placed at a later date.
Tournament Director Jerry Jallas reported the club tournaments had 12 boats at Shelbyville, 8 boats at Clinton and 9 boats at the Mark Twain 2 day tournament.  The Fall open tournament figures are Springfield had 11 boats ($165 plus the 50/50).  Shelbyville had 11 boats ($165 plus the 50/50).  Jerry told us the 2016 Raffle made $480 profit for the club.  There is still concern about the club scales.  Carlo has researched new scales and says it will be around $1,500 for a good set of scales.  President Runkel asked for a motion, made by John Hinton, and membership gave the eboard permission to purchase new scales and to use our own good judgement on what to buy and how much to spend.  Jerry also spoke of the habitat project that Chip told us about before the meeting started.  President Runkel asked for a motion to help fund this project. Kenny Barlow’s motion was for $200 for Chip to help buy habitat supplies.  Motion carried. .  2016 Angler of the Year jackets were awarded to Rick Clifton and Bob Sarko.  Congratulations!  Mary, owner of South Fork Resort had approached Jerry about the idea of them cooking our fish dinner at the two day.  The club will pay about $6.00 per head for the complete dinner.  This was discussed and decided it was a good idea because we won’t need the trailer hauled over or buy oil and other food or supplies.
OLD BUSINESS:  President Runkel thanked Van Pierceall of “Thumper Jigs” for donating $100 to our new “Big Fish” award, John Hinton for providing the plaque and Zach Pierce for donating a fishing rod to the 1st annual “Big Fish” winner
NEW BUSINESS:  The eboard held 3 winter meetings to discuss our website and our Facebook page.  We contracted with Bob Hayes to redesign our website and to create a new Facebook page.  There were no costs for this work to the club because President Danny Runkel and Vice President Rick Montooth generously donated $300 to pay for this out of their own pockets.  The SCC will pay Mr. Hayes $240 per year to maintain and run these online packages for us.  He will enter advertisers, pictures, results, applications and other materials on a timely basis as we send them to him.
Jerry Jallas told members of our 1st Annual Crappie Bash, May 20th at Lake Shelbyville.  This tournament will pay $1,000 guaranteed to the 1st place winner.  Second thru fourth will split another $1,000.  The eboard spent $225 for advertising in various publications and also got some free ads in magazines such as “Crappie Angler” from Grizzly Jigs.  Applications have been distributed at various Outdoor Shows, Bait Shops and sporting goods stores like Scheel’s.
Jerry described the details of the 2017 club raffle.  It is a 50/50 raffle and the printing of the tickets was donated by Jim Good in Riverton.  This is 100% profit for the club.  The drawing will be held at the Fall Classic.
Thanks to Greg Humphrey and B n M Poles for their continued donation of a new pole for each club tournament.  Thanks to John Hinton and O’Reily Auto Parts for our tournament plaques again this year.
Carlo Catalano read a thank you note from Jim Tintori for the clubs memorial tree when his mother passed away.
Rick Montooth motion:
1:  Should we have a By-Law that requires a By-Law to be inforce no less than two years before it can be rescinded?
Result of this vote (3/4 majority needed):  Passed by a vote of 21 out of 28 votes.
The following lakes were selected (either by vote or by rule) for the 2017 Spring tournaments:
OPEN                  March 25th                    Lake Sangchris
CLUB                  April 8th                        Lake Springfield (by vote)
CLUB                  April 29th & 30th            Mark Twain (by rule)
CLUB                  May 7th                         Lake Jacksonville (by vote)
OPEN                  May 20th                        Lake Shelbyville (Crappie Bash)
Member Ken List and his crew were thanked for frying our delicious fish.
Ken List won the 50/50 $61.00
Jerry Jallas asked if we would donate $50 to the K of C for the use of their facility which we voted on and passed.
Meeting was closed at 2:30 and we enjoyed a great fish fry.
Respectfully Submitted,
Jim Tintori
SCC Secretary

Chip’s Marine want to thank the Springfield crappie club for donating the money to help make these fish attractors possible.

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