Springfield Crappie Club Meeting Minutes --- July 24th, 2016

The fall meeting was held at the Knights of Columbus Council #4179 on Lake Springfield. President Bales called the meeting to order at 1:00 P.M. 19 members were present. The minutes from the Spring Meeting were waived due to the fact SCC Secretary Jim Tintori forgot to bring his copy of the minutes with him. The treasurer’s report was given by Carlo Catalano. He reported the club has $6,104.00 in checking and $4022.88 in savings. The treasurer’s report was approved by membership. Vice President Rick Montooth announced the club will add $300 to the Classic pot this fall. Depending on the clubs financial status in October, the E- Board may add another $200 to the pot. All late fees collected throughout the year will also be added to the Classic pot. Danny Runkel informed membership that the money that was supposed to be added to the Classic pot in 2015 was inadvertently not added to the prize pot. He asked if we would consider paying the winners the additional money they should have received. After much discussion and some apologies, it was decided not to make up for the oversight.

Tournament Director Jerry Jallas reported the open tournament figures. Sangchris had 14 boats ($210), $60 in late fees and $41 for the 50/50. Shelbyville had 18 boats ($270) and $60 in late fees. Springfield had 11 boats ($165) and $40 in late fees. There was no 50/50 in either Shelbyville or Springfield. Jerry told us a gentleman named David Boegner, a “Fish Ecology Major” from a university would like to address us. We hope to have him speak at our spring 2017 meeting. There has been some concern about the club scales with their age and the fact they cannot be certified any longer. We may need to replace those scales in the not too distant future. Lastly, Jerry described the details of a club raffle and said he has about $270 in hand. This is 100% profit for the club.



Kenny Kuchar motion:

1: Should we replace the “Angler of the Year” award with the “Big Fish of the Year”? 2: Should we add a new award at the end of the year for “Big Fish of the Year”? Kenny withdrew his “Replace” motion and supported the “New” award.
Result of this vote: Passed by Unanimous voice vote.

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The club will sponsor a new “Big Fish of the Year” prize and award a plaque to the winner at our spring meeting. The first award will be given in the spring 2018. All Big Fish winners at all “Club” tournaments including the “Classic” are qualifiers, (Not the “Opens”). John Hinton offered to donate the first plaque to the club. Zach Pierce further offered to donate an ACC rod to the first winner of this award. We accepted both offers. These members can renew their offers on an annual basis. =============================================================================


Ken Barlow motion:

1: With the exception of the “Open” tournaments, should membership choose, by vote at the spring and fall meetings, the lakes we schedule for all SCC tournaments.

2: Should membership choose, by vote at the spring or fall meeting, the lake for the SCC Classic.

Result of this vote: Failed. Received only 7 of the needed 15 votes to pass.



Ken Barlow motion:

1: Should we establish a quorum of no less than 20 members must be present before SCC can vote on a by-law change?

Result of this vote: Failed. Received only 4 of the needed 15 votes to pass

============================================================================= Election of SCC Officers for 2017.

President Danny Runkel, VP Rick Montooth, Tournament Director Jerry Jallas, Treasurer Carlo Catalano & Secretary Jim Tintori

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The following lakes were selected (either by vote or by rule) for the 2016 Fall tournaments: CLUB September 24th Lake Shelbyville (by vote)
CLUB October 8
th Clinton Lake (by vote)
CLUB October 22
nd & 23rdMark Twain (by rule)

OPEN October 29th
CLASSIC October 30th
OPEN November 5th =============================================================================

Rick Montooth proposed that any By-Law change that goes into effect must remain inforce for two full years before they can be rescinded by vote. He believes this will slow the number of By-Law changes proposed at our meetings and possibly speed up the meetings. A motion was made by Rick Montooth and was seconded.

By-Law Vote at the Spring ‘17 Meeting:

1: Should we have a By-Law that requires a By-Law to be inforce no less than two years before it can be rescinded?


LeRoy Gwinn asked what we can do to increase membership? Much discussion followed with some ideas but nothing concrete.

Member Ken List and his crew were thanked for frying our delicious fish.

Ken Barlow asked if we would donate $50 to the K of C for the use of their facility which we voted on and passed.

Meeting was closed at 2:20 and we enjoyed a fantastic fish fry. Respectfully Submitted,
Jim Tintori
SCC Secretary

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Lake Springfield
Lake Springfield (by rule) Lake Shelbyville 

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